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Our Clients Say

"My experience was terrific. It went above and beyond what I could ever have imagined as a personal experiment. RTT with Rae included the healing vortex and cell command therapy that cleared my skin. The presenting problem was rosacea or facial redness for several years that was triggered by the root cause of repressed anger. To my surprise, I had another body rash for 8 months that cleared up at the same time. Two birds, one stone. I am happy and thankful for how rapidly the root cause of my issue was resolved at that appointment, and my skin cleared fast in the three weeks after. I do feel more confident and beautiful."

Rosie (USA)

“Rae is a gifted therapist with a lovely, warm personality that will help you to feel right at home. She gave me such deep insights in our session together that have already changed my life for the better! I came in completely at a loss, struggling with deep overwhelm and lethargy; I left with energy and a new hope for my life. Powerful.”

Molly, Australia


Dear Rae

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for our session. I would never have guessed I could feel so different from one moment to another.

You rooted out so many unhelpful beliefs and feelings from my childhood and helped me see how irrelevant they are as an adult. (Isn't it crazy that you can literally have a 5 year-old - with all their false perceptions and interpretations - running the show sometimes!!)

Thank you for your clarity of mind, your empathy and insights and your help. I felt so down when I came into the session; so enervated and hopeless - like everything was futile. And now I feel as if the chains have been lifted and I can 'be myself' and chase my dreams instead of being stuck in this overwhelming fear of failure.

I love my recording and honestly, I can't wait to report back in a few weeks after I've listened to it every day.

Really can't thank you enough.

Nina T., West Sussex

I came to Rae as I was struggling with my business. My staff were unreliable and I was struggling to manage my time and keep on top of things. Thanks to Rae I have found the voice to place boundaries, and I have come up with many time saving strategies. I can once again sit in my garden and read a book, something I have not been able to do in years. My whole life has improved.

~Faye, Manchester


I came to Rae for Social anxiety. I struggled greatly going to new places and being around people. My session with Rae was amazing. After listening to the recording she made for me for 21 days I felt a big transformation take place as I wasn’t anxious in crowds and being around people. She truly got to the root of the issue and she transformed my life. She was very intuitive and guided me through each step of the way. She listened to everything I wanted in the recording and I got the results I wanted. 

I definitely recommend her to anyone dealing with any issue. She knows what she is doing and you won’t be disappointed. 


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